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Back To Work – 3 Recipes For A Lean Return

The Return…

I do not know how it was with you, but this holiday I overdid it a little … I am a bit rounder now.

I drank wine more often than I should and suddenly I also like ice cream! And I have eaten more ice cream this summer than in the last 10 years, mainly because of the wonderful ice-cream shops that opened in Lisbon and also from a trip to Sicily, where I tasted the best pistachio ice cream ever.

Now that I’m back – to work, to the kitchen, to the gym – I have to go back to my clothes too.

What To Do?

I just go back to my balanced diet. When I cook, there are decisions I make that make my recipes lighter.

If you are curious, here they go:

  • I never make breakfast with added sugar
  • I eat fruit but I do not usually drink juices
  • I rarely eat cheese
  • I do not use bread in cooking (I eat bread when I feel like it, never hidden)
  • I do not use flours in sauces.
  • I do not fry food
  • I do not buy sausages and so I do not eat them
  • Dairy products for me are just plain yogurt (NEVER sugared) and regular milk

My meals are very simple: I have the protein corner, the carbohydrate corner, and the vegetable zone, which usually occupy half of my plate.

If you feel like trying this way of eating, I suggest you see these recipes, which are a great start … Click on the pictures to read the recipes.


Start by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lemon. Besides waking you up gently, it has an alkalizing effect on digestion, which is – say experts – anti-inflammatory or, in other words, good!

Then, prepare this oatmeal with homemade applesauce and cinnamon, to have energy throughout the morning. Suggestion while the weather is hot: make it the night before and eat it cold in the morning.


For a quick lunch with a high content of healthy fats and that can even be taken to work: mackerel wraps with avocado and vegetables. You can play with this recipe and vary the protein – tuna, boiled eggs, sardine fillets, roasted tofu … even slices of turkey breast or a good ham. All good ideas!



And for a vegetarian dinner, which is light but comforting: cauliflower and lentils, two recipes that make an anti-stress meal.

Finally, make a chamomile tea that you savor calmly at night. In addition to promoting good sleep, it also helps digestion.

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