Glow Chef Radio:
a podcast about food!

I’m launching a podcast about food!

Glow Chef Radio Trailer

Glow Chef Radio is a podcast about food: food and me, food and you. 

I feel there is so much information out there, so many conflicting messages, that we are confused at best – losing touch with food and the whole purpose of eating. 

Well… I would like to help, if I can!

Help you sift through all the hype and the sales and the mess, making sure you get to grips with your diet, your relationship with food and life in general, in a way that is inspiring, energizing and makes you happy!

And that’s my ‘why’ behind Glow Chef and why I created Glow Chef Radio.

Glow Chef Radio is all about healthy eating made easy.

I’ll be talking about how we can deal with all issues related to eating the best way possible for maximum glow!

Listen to the trailer right here:


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