Inês, from My Tiny Green Kitchen, answers the Glow Chef Questionnaire

One more Glow Chef Questionnaire, to honor one of my favorite vegan food blogs!

Life as an online creative entrepreneur has perks that make it unique. One of them is the way you connect with people who you do not know personally, but that by sharing interests and activities end up becoming close to you in some way. And, that’s what makes this life rich!

I found Inês’ Instagram page – @mytinygreenkitchen – right on time to participate in her #beanstuesday challenge. I instantly loved the blog, her writing, recipes, and photography. After that, we kept on chatting.

“I’ve spent 3/4 of my life eating what nowadays we consider “normal,” a word that has so much of empty as it has of inaccurate.”

Inês, in My Tiny Green Kitchen

In My Tiny Green Kitchen, you’ll find fabulous vegan food, created with technique, style, and tender loving care.

When Inês announced her first “Tiny Green Dinner”, I didn’t think twice. I jumped head first at the chance of meeting her personally and trying her cooking first hand.

I was rewarded for my daring: dinner was terrific, I learned a lot, and the host was all around perfect, in her kindness, warm welcoming, organization, table and plate styling… everything!

And now, the Glow Chef Questionnaire!

I love that Inês agreed to answer the Glow Chef Questionnaire. This way, you’ll have the chance to get to know her better!

1. What is your favorite meal?

Tea time has been my favorite meal since I was a child. Even though nowadays I tend to eat more of a dinner at tea time. Later I’ll only have a light snack or a cup of tea.

2. What is your favorite dish?

I don’t have a favorite dish. But I love a well-cooked mushroom dish – toast, risotto or a simple sauté.

3. Which dish do you cook the best – the one that always turns out good?

Usually, savory food is what I cook best. I make delicious soups, and my friends always love when I make hummus.

4. And, what dish can’t you cook at all, it’s always a disaster?

Cookies. It’s one of the few occasions I need to follow recipes, and every time I try to innovate it never works out correctly, there is always room for improvement.

5. Which three ingredients would you take to a desert island?

Lemon, because a bit of lemon makes everything better; salt, because I like well-seasoned food; mushrooms. And I would pray for the island to have plenty of fruit and coconuts.

6. What is your favorite place to shop?

At Campo Pequeno’s farmers’ market; I like the freshness and variety of products and also to be able to talk to the farmers themselves.

7. What is your favorite kitchen equipment?

The Oven. My life would be very dull without roasted vegetables.

8. What do you ALWAYS have in the fridge?

Flax seeds, almonds, fresh herbs – at least parsley or coriander (cilantro, in the US) – my starter for baking my sourdough bread and green leafy vegetables.

9. Tea or coffee?

Tea. I always have black, green and white tea at home, not to mention all the herbs to make infusions.

10. What’s your favorite cookbook?

Lately, my favorite has been “At home in the whole food kitchen” by Amy Chaplin.

11. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Which one?

Not really.

12. The best music to listen while cooking is …

Bossa Nova, because cooking and dancing at the same time is something else!


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And now … a treat!

A recipe from the above mentioned Tiny Green Dinner, for you to try: White Bean and Buckwheat Puree with Roasted Veggies and Pesto

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