Isabel Costa Responds To The Glow Chef Questionnaire

Isabel Costa began her career in the fashion world as a model. She was a fashion editor for enough years for us to be sure that she knows the subject – as if looking at her wasn’t enough.

Today, besides fashion buyer and stylist, Isabel writes the blog The Life Juice – a blog that you have to read if you haven’t yet, where you let Isabel’s soft but seductive, personal and unmistakable style involve you.

A lover of the kitchen, Isabel accepted the challenge of the Glow Chef Questionnaire …

The Isabel’s Answers

What Is Your Favorite Meal?

Breakfast, with everything I am entitled to, and especially in hotels.

What Is Your Favorite Dish?

I do not have one; I like everything. It depends on the season, where I am, I enjoy the best of each region, city or country. I love to eat, and I have great pleasure at the table.

Which Dish Do You Cook The Best?

I have a special gift to create dishes out of nothing! I look at the refrigerator and the pantry and make up any meal.

And Which Dish Never Works?

Sponge cake or layered cake! They always look like pancakes!

Which Three Ingredients Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Eggs, cheese, mushrooms and olive oil (four of them!). But this a difficult choice for me.

Where Do You Like Shopping The Most?

I like small local markets, and I wish there were more specialty shops like there are in other European capitals, to be able to find what I need, whether it’s Italian, Lebanese or Chinese. But, in the end, I go to supermarkets that do not have a great deal of choice.

What’s Your Favorite Piece Of Kitchen Equipment?

My Mauviel cookware and my Kitchen Aid.

What Do You Always Have In The Refrigerator?

Greek yogurt, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fuet.

Tea Or Coffee?


What’s Your Favorite Cookbook?

Delia Smith has been by my side forever; it’s a classic, that’s how I started growing as a cook. All the books by Nigel Slater and also the Silver Spoon.

Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant? Which One?

Taberna da Rua das Flores by André Magalhães; Belcanto by José Avillez and Cevicheria do Kiko (all in Lisbon).

The Best Music To Listen To While Cooking Is …

Disco and R&B.

Photo: Carlos Ramos.

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